The best choice – wooden house!

The best choice – wooden house! Advantages of a log home are obvious. And yet, will not be superfluous to reiterate all the advantages of this priceless natural building materiala. Slovosochetanie “wooden house” we associate with the warmth and coziness of the family, tea and leisurely evenings with friends, and of course comfort in any season. In a wooden house is always pleasant in contrast to many other building materials (including glued) – Wood breathes, due to the natural structure of wood, inside which there is a constant flow from the premises vozduhoobmen. Teplovoy rushes out and goes through the log. In the process of cooling to the outer layers of logs, vapor and carbon dioxide are directed perpendicular to the annual rings. In this direction, the drag coefficient – is 45 times smaller, and the diffusion coefficient – in 5.33 times more. As a result, moisture and harmful substances out of the ends of logs, the wall does not accumulate vlagu. Imenno due to such property, in log houses maintained a constant oxygen balance and optimum humidity. • Tree stores heat as wall of a wooden house (bath cottage) possesses the insulating properties, which is five times higher than those of brick or concrete walls at the same tolschine. Brevenchataya or lumber wall of wooden houses (baths, a cottage) with a thickness of 24-26 cm is equivalent to teplosberezheniya brick, a thickness of 1, 2 m! walls of wooden houses (baths, a cottage) “accumulate” the heat and spread it evenly throughout the room. So, in your home will be warm in the most severe frost. • The tree is useful for your health, being completely environmentally friendly natural materials. Other building materials can cause allergic reactions, especially in detey.A warm “sunny color” natural wood has beneficial effects on our psychological state and calms the nervous system. • Tree – one of the most durable building materials. Using a unique contemporary compositions for wood, life can be increased several times.


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